Our Health And Safety Plan

We care deeply about your safety and the safety of your family

Hey everyone,


Our team has discussed the Coronavirus and our response. We want to be prepared and for you to be informed.


At The Rock Church, we love and care for our church family! Your health, well-being and safety matters to us. With that in mind, we encourage you to take precautions to keep yourself and others safe. You can help stop the spread of the virus in the following ways:


• Stay home when you or family members are sick. You can stream services online. Watch on YouTube Sunday mornings @ 10 am.

• Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom, before eating and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

• Cover your sneeze or cough with a tissue or your arm.

• Get in the habit of not touching your face so often.

• If you are returning from a high-alert area, we urge you to consider refraining from attending church events, classes and services until the 14-day time-frame has been observed.

• If you or someone you know tests positive for COVID-19, please let us know so we can find a way to help, pray for everyone involved and take any necessary precautions here at The Rock Church. 


In addition, we are taking the following steps on our campus:


1. We will sanitize highly touched surfaces such as doors, handles, tables, water fountains, check-in stations, and sinks on a regular basis. If you’d like to be part of the cleaning team, sign up to help!

2. Our staff and volunteer teams will wash their hands frequently and stay home if they are sick. 

3. We have hand sanitizer stations around the campus and encourage their frequent use.

4. We will continue to thoroughly sanitize all children’s toys and play areas. This is a regular practice at our church.


If you want to give and you have not yet set up online giving, please do so! We will continue our ministry and continue reaching out to those in need if the virus affects those in our community. Your giving is important in allowing us to continue uninterrupted in our ministry. If you would like to set up online giving, then you can access that on our central hub just click the give button. If you need assistance getting that set up, please call the church and we can help you over the phone. If you would prefer one of our staff members to contact you about this, please email us


In His Service,

Pastor Mike Bridgewater