Find a Connection Group

These groups make friends into family.

These Are My People

Who are your people? We know it's important to be connected, but it's hard to build lasting friendships. What if taking one simple step changed everything?

At The Rock, we’re trying to make it easier for you to find people who you can connect with. We know that when you get together with people and have fun or talk about real things in your life, you’ll begin to grow into a strong community that serves and grows together.

What if you are one step away from saying, “These are my people”?

Lead A Group

You know as much as anybody that it's important to be connected. That's one reason you're part of The Rock.

We know it's hard to connect with others and build lasting friendships. We know that even defining community is tough because being in community is more than showing up for Bible study. It's also sharing food, laughing till it hurts, and doing what you love to do with your favorite people.

What if you could help more people find and enjoy that kind of laughing, caring, and growing community? 

You can. Here’s how: