What Is Being Baptized in the Holy Spirit?

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Being Baptized in the Holy Spirt

  • We believe that every single believer has the right and should totally be excited about receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit. It's this awesome promise from our Heavenly Father, and it's something that Jesus Himself commanded us to seek with all our hearts. This was actually the regular experience of all the folks back in the early Christian Church. Now, when you receive this baptism in the Holy Spirit, it's a game-changer. You get this incredible infusion of power for both your personal life and your service to others. It's like a supercharge! And guess what? You also get these amazing spiritual gifts that you can use to make a real impact in the ministry and work that we do as Christians.

  • Being baptized in the Holy Spirit is a separate and extra special experience after you've already been born again. It's like an added bonus to your faith journey, but is not necessary to be rescued!

  • When you experience the baptism in the Holy Spirit, get ready for some incredible things to happen! Here's a quick summary of what you can expect in simple terms that we can all relate to:

  • First off, you'll feel an overflow of the Spirit within you. It's like an abundant and powerful presence that fills you up to the brim. It's like when you're so full of joy or excitement that it can't be contained!

  • Next, you'll develop a deeper reverence for God. It's that profound sense of awe and respect for the Almighty. You'll find yourself in a state of humble adoration, recognizing just how amazing He is.

  • Your dedication to God and His work will also reach new heights. You'll be more committed and focused on living a life that honors Him. It's like a wholehearted devotion to following His path and serving others with love and compassion.

  • And let's not forget about your love for Christ, His Word, and those who haven't yet discovered His love. Your affection for Jesus will become even more active and passionate. You'll have a burning desire to share His message, to dive deep into His teachings, and to reach out to those who need Him.