What Is Sanctification?

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  • Let's talk about sanctification—a fancy word that basically means separating ourselves from evil and dedicating ourselves to God. 

  • It's all about living a life of holiness, which the Scriptures say is necessary if we want to see the Lord.

  •  Thankfully, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can actually follow the command to be holy just as God is holy. 

  • How cool is that? So, how does sanctification happen? Well, it's all about recognizing that we're united with Christ in His death and resurrection. And every day, we gotta believe and trust in that truth. It's like a daily reckoning, you know? And we also need to surrender every part of ourselves to the Holy Spirit's guidance. The goal here is to let go of the bad stuff and let God's goodness shine through us. It's a journey of growing closer to Him and becoming more like Him every day.