Mission 120

Take the next step in your earthly mission. Get connected, be empowered, and be sent

We live in a time where it is apparent how much we need God to move among us. When we look around it is clear how absent God is from our culture, our families, and world. We need more than just to feel good about things to see actual change! We need to commit ourselves to being transformed by God, praying for transformation in our families, our churches, our city, and our nation as a whole.

What's great is that God has shown us in the bible His plan for changing everything! As Jesus' early disciples followed His teaching and His command to follow the Spirit's guidance, they became totally different people! And every place they went, transformation followed them. They literally changed the future for peoples, nations, and the world at large! It's totally possible for us to follow in this way, obey Jesus' teaching and follow the Holy Spirit, and see a world transforming move of God in our time.

It only took 120 people empowered by the Holy Spirit to come to change the course of history.

I believe that God is going to give us 120 people here at The Rock Church who will commit to seeking transformation for their lives, families, church, city and nation.

The commitment of Mission 120 is to follow the example set by the first 120 who were empowered by the Holy Spirit, by being connected, empowered, and sent. This is how we can do that:

  • Get connected with a connection group regularly. We have many available groups and lots of other opportunities to get connected.
  • Being empowered through praying regularly, fasting, or coming to our equipped classes. We have many available growth opportunities located in the central hub.
  • Being sent by being involved in some sort of ministry to the community a few hours a month.

Those are the things at the core of Mission 120. It's essentially being committed to allowing God to change you! I know that if we can take purposeful action in faith, and pursue God with all of our hearts that He can and will bring big change to countless peoples live starting now and into the future.

How about you?

I hope that you'll pray about becoming 1 of the 120, if you think that this is something God is stirring you to follow please take a moment and fill out the short form at the bottom of the page. Occasionally I'll be sending out encouraging words by email to all of you that have joined this mission!

In His service,

Pastor Mike & Stephanie